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Wealth Management

Looking after your money

This service follows on from the development of your financial plan.  

Attitude to Risk

The first thing we will do is assess your attitude to risk.  This is done by completing a questionnaire from which we will write your risk report.  We will discuss the risk report with you and agree the level of risk you are prepared to take with your investment(s).  This is a very important task to ensure that your own level of risk matches the investment we will recommend.  We ask that you sign the risk report to confirm that you fully understand your risk assessment.

The next step is to identify which tax wrapper is most appropriate for your investment.  This will usually have already been done when developing your Financial Plan but if not we will consider it at this stage.

Asset Allocation

Following on from your risk assessment we will recommend the most appropriate asset allocation for your investment.  By this we mean what mix of assets (e.g. equities) and what percentage of each asset your investment should be invested in.  The wrong asset allocation could mean that you have too risky an investment which you may not be comfortable with. Matching your level of risk to the appropriate asset allocation is essential.

Fund Selection

The next step is fund selection and recommending what funds you should invest in in order to meet your agreed asset allocation.  


Once the investment strategy has been agreed we will set up the arrangement and facilitate the investment.

Annual Review

It is important that your investment strategy is reviewed annually to:

- check your level of risk and asset allocation

- review fund performance

- rebalance the portfolio (if required) 

- utilise tax allowances (e.g ISA allowance and Capital Gains Tax allowance)

This service is typically for clients with over £100,000 to invest.