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Retirement Planning

Planning for your retirment

‘A good retirement needs careful planning’

Planning for retirement can often be an emotional journey which is why it is important for us to get to know you.  We will review your current financial situation together with understanding your goals and objectives for retirement, so that we can provide you with a financial plan that will last in accordance with your goals.

There are three key stages when planning for your retirement:

Stage 1 - Pre-Retirement

The period up to the age of retirement is known as the accumulation phase.  This is the stage in our lives where we seek to accumulate capital assets to provide an income and financial security later in life.

Stage 2 - At Retirement

The government is allowing you more access to your pension funds than ever before. The new freedoms introduced in April 2015 give you far more choice about how you organise your retirement money.  However, it is crucial you understand all your options before you commit to any retirement plans. 

Stage 3 - Post Retirement

Now is the time to enjoy your retirement.  The planning has come to fruition and all that remains is to monitor your investments and level of income.

We have the personal experience of assisting many clients with the challenging issue of retirement and we will guide you through all the options and complexities to support you throughout your retirement. 

Contact us today to discuss our Retirement Service where we can:

  • Review of all your existing pension arrangements
  • Provide pension transfer advice (if required)
  • Forecast your projected benefits in real terms
  • Help you identify how much money you will need in retirement and develop a ‘Financial Plan’ to help you reach your target
  • Discuss your options at retirement
  • Develop a sustainable and appropriate investment strategy for retirement
  • Conduct a cash flow forecast to help you predict how long your income can be sustained